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Photography of MEDICAL IMAGES: doctors, nurses, patients, hospital, pediatrician, surgery, paramedics, emergency, skeleton, brain, skull, x-ray, eye operation, fetus, etc. These stock photos are available to license in any media. When you click a thumbnail, the larger image with the image number will appear in a separate window. Please note: preview images contain watermarks for copyright protection. You will receive non-watermarked images for your licensed use. To order these photographs, please fill out the order form or call (702) 437-1614. 

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doctors, nurses, patients | surgery, operations | emergency rooms, paramedics | skeleton, skull, brain, X-ray | ophthalmology | symptoms | fetus

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dentist child and pediatrician child and doctor doctor and patient
patient and nurse pediatrician and children doctor and child child and doctor
doctor doctor
child and doctor child and doctor doctor and child
quack doctor
child and doctor in hospital
nurse doctor in hospital child and doctor
doctor and xray
doctor cardiograph patient in waiting room patient and nurse in hospital
hospital reception doctor and child doctor
child at waiting room in hospital doctor
taking cardiogram cardiograph
patient at hospital bed with doctor doctors patient and nurses in hospital
patient in hospital taking cardiography hospital records doctor
doctor and patient
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